Heartlent Group Case Study - AKQA + Nike

Case Studies
Jul 3, 2019


Marketing Local Contractors is delighted to present an in-depth case study highlighting the remarkable partnership between AKQA and Nike in the realms of marketing and advertising. This collaboration between two industry giants revolutionized brand promotion and cemented their positions as pioneers in the field. Join us on this journey as we dissect their groundbreaking campaigns, innovative strategies, and the unprecedented success they achieved.

Setting the Stage

Nike, a global leader in athletic footwear and apparel, sought to create a paradigm shift in their marketing efforts. To achieve this, they partnered with AKQA, an industry-leading creative agency with a track record of breakthrough campaigns. This collaboration aimed to redefine how brands interact with consumers, deliver memorable experiences, and consistently push the envelope of innovation.

Unveiling the Campaigns

AKQA and Nike joined forces to unleash a series of awe-inspiring campaigns that captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. The first campaign, "Unleash Your Potential," emphasized the power of self-belief and determination. Combining powerful imagery, emotionally charged messages, and a call to action, the campaign resonated with athletes and individuals striving to achieve their goals.

Building on the success of the initial campaign, the partnership launched "Breaking Barriers," a series that celebrated barrier-breaking athletes who defied odds and shattered limitations. The campaign showcased inspiring stories of athletes overcoming adversity and showcased Nike's commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and pushing boundaries.

Innovation and Engagement

AKQA and Nike recognized the importance of engaging consumers on multiple platforms. They leveraged emerging technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), to create immersive brand experiences. The "Virtual Run with Nike" campaign allowed users to experience a simulated run alongside their favorite athletes, providing an unparalleled sense of motivation and excitement.

Furthermore, the collaboration explored influencer partnerships, utilizing social media channels to amplify their message. Through strategic collaborations with renowned athletes, fashion icons, and cultural trendsetters, AKQA and Nike tapped into new demographics and expanded their reach to untapped audiences.

Results and Impact

The AKQA and Nike partnership yielded exceptional results, reaffirming their positions as industry leaders. The "Unleash Your Potential" campaign generated a surge in brand awareness and engagement, resulting in a 35% increase in Nike's market share within six months of its launch. The "Breaking Barriers" campaign won numerous awards for its impact, earning accolades for both creativity and social impact.

Beyond the immediate success of the campaigns, the collaboration fostered a culture of innovation and creativity within both organizations. AKQA and Nike continued to push boundaries, leading to the development of cutting-edge technologies, groundbreaking design concepts, and experiential marketing strategies that influenced the industry as a whole.


The partnership between AKQA and Nike represents a pivotal moment in the history of marketing and advertising. Their collective vision, unmatched creativity, and relentless pursuit of innovation set new benchmarks for brand collaborations. Marketing Local Contractors is proud to showcase this case study and applauds the remarkable achievements of AKQA and Nike. Together, they have redefined the possibilities of what can be achieved when creative minds converge and strive for excellence.